Samwel Charles

Samwel Charles

Hey there! My name is Samwel Charles,
I'm a Software Engineer on a mission to build a better internet with Cloudflare.
Before that, I worked as a Frontend Engineer at Zola.

Right now, I'm diving into the exciting world of Rust programming and it's been a thrilling journey so far.

Projects & Oss contributions

  • I have contributed to Cloudflare's Docs engine, an open-source tool for building documentation which powers Cloudflare Developers
    Gatsbyjs :: Typescript
  • As a passionate advocate for education and personal development, I developed a cutting-edge tool designed to assist individuals in visualizing and mastering key concepts in data structures and algorithms. It currently on supports GRAPHS and Trees
    Gatsbyjs :: Typescript :: D3
  • Twillio SMS API for Laravel
    PHP :: Laravel